Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I like to cook, did not always ENJOY to cook, but since becoming a Mommy....I really am starting to LOVE cooking. Now, I am not saying that cooking for just myself and my wonderful husband was not gratifying enough, but, there is something about your child saying.....oooohhh....yyyyuuummmyy. Makes cooking so much better. In our younger years we did not care if we cooked with low fat, low salt,etc. The older we got and the more we worried about our health and weight the more that became a factor.

I will not lie, my husband and I love our food.. I grew up in philly and he moved around and has roots in philly. In may of 97 we moved to southeast texas..Houston to be exact. We have been here for 12 yrs now. We love it down here, and the food is great too. I will admit...we do not exercise like we should...but the food is good down here. LOL

Over the last 12 yrs I have learned to make different meals/foods. There are certain meals that our friends ask for. (Eggplant parm....first try, pyrex exploded glass in food...everyone still LOVED IT) I have many recipes that I have gotten from other sites or people,if that is the case I will post who/where it is from. I am taking this blog as an opportunity to post my favorites...friends favorites that I like...or ones that are favorites of friends.

I have a few friends where we keep talking about doing a website for the recipes we exchange, but we cannot figure out how to get it done. I decided to do this blog. I am big on easy to do....crockpot recipes, cassaroles or one dish. Working full time, Hubby and an almost 3 yr old....life takes over and I really like being able to sit down with my 2 best people in the world and have a meal. Some nights its no talk...others its hubby and I trying to get the little one to get us to talk..but its our family and its awesome!! (for the most part...we are potty training at the moment also.

Please bear with me in any changes I may make. I do not know how I am going to catagorize things yet. Hubby is taking meds for diabetes/pre diabetes....so I am also looking and will be posting recipes for that type of meal. I have lots of other favorites that I will be posting too. If I do not post often..I apologize. I am going to try to post all time favorites then work on the rest.

Thanks for following :)

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